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As you grow older, your needs may change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave your home. Whether you live in one of our retirement villages or your own home in the wider community, we can provide support to help you live the life you want.

Our Home Care services can assist with a wide range of tasks. The most common of these include help getting dressed, bathing, meal preparation, cleaning and laundry.

Gardening and basic home maintenance, transport, nursing and allied health and therapy services are also very popular. However, if something you need assistance with isn’t listed below, don’t worry, we’re sure we’ll be able to find a suitable solution.

Remember, asking for help doesn’t mean losing your independence; it’s quite the opposite. Getting a little help with daily activities means you can stay independent in your own home for longer.

If you would like Lutheran Homes Group to provide care and support services in your home, or have any questions, please call our Home Care team on 1300 320 505 or send an enquiry online.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions may also answer your enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The in-home services we offer

Everyone’s in-home support needs are different. This is why we tailor our packages to suit individual needs and goals. The services we offer include:

  • Personal care – showering, dressing assistance
  • Nutritional needs – meal preparation, shopping assistance
  • Domestic support – house cleaning, gardening, linen changes, ironing
  • Medication support – assistance with managing medication, medication prompts and administration
  • Social support – transport, social outings, accessing digital technologies
  • Clinical support – Registered Nursing, Enrolled Nursing
  • Allied health – Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Therapy Groups, Podiatry
  • Home modifications, equipment, assistive technology

Why choose Lutheran Homes Group?

We go above and beyond to tailor our packages to suit your individual needs and goals. But that’s not all. We offer a vibrant community experience with a wide range of activities, social groups, and opportunities to connect with the Lutheran Homes Group community. And with our dedicated on-site team of Home Care Coordinators, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists, we’re here to support you at every step of your journey.

Cost and Funding

Many Australians arrange care and support services in their home help through a Government-funded Home Care Package. Although services can also be paid for privately.

Home Care Package funding

You may be eligible for a Government-funded Home Care Package (HCP) through My Aged Care.

There are four levels of packages available, ranging from basic support to high care needs. Each level receives a different amount of funding from the Government. The level of package is assigned based on your home care needs after an assessment by the My Aged Care team.

Once approved for an HCP, you can choose Lutheran Homes Group as the provider of your HCP services. If you are currently receiving services from another provider, you can choose to move your existing HCP to us.

We will provide you with a monthly statement listing fees paid and services received.

Eligibility for a HCP is means-tested, so you are expected to contribute to the cost of your Home Support Services if you can afford it.

Find out more about applying for a Home Care Package on the My Aged Care website.

The following services are covered by
the Government’s Home Care Package funding:











Commonwealth Home Support Program


Lutheran Homes Group is a provider of Allied Health Services in the Metro East region of South Australia under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).

This program operates from our Day Therapy Centre at Glynde, offering a diverse range of group exercise classes and 1:1 Physiotherapy assessments and reviews. With specialised exercise groups focusing on falls prevention, balance enhancement, Parkinson’s management, and memory/cognition, we are committed to assisting you in reaching your individual goals.

LHG Assist


LHG Assist is our fee-for-service solution designed to provide short-term support to people awaiting approval of government funded home care services. LHG Assist offers more than just support – it provides peace of mind.

With LHG Assist, you’ll have access to a wide range of exceptional services, all available at a straightforward, hassle-free rates.

  • Personal Care – showering, dressing assistance
  • Nutritional Needs – meal preparation, shopping assistance
  • Domestic Support – house cleaning, linen changes, ironing
  • Medication Support – assistance with managing medication, medication prompts and administration
  • Social Support – transport, social outings
  • Clinical Support – Registered Nursing, Enrolled Nursing
  • Allied Health – Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy

How to apply for a
Home Care Package

Many Australians arrange care and support services through a Government-funded Home Care Package. Although services can also be paid for privately.

  • Step 1:

    Visit the My Aged Care website

  • Step 2:

    Find out if you are eligible for services.

  • Step 3:

    If eligible, complete an assessment for services

  • Step 4:

    Once you have received assessment approval, you will then be placed on a national queue within the My Aged Care system

  • Step 5:

    You will receive a letter from My Aged Care to say you have been approved

  • Step 6:

    Then you will receive a second letter from My Aged Care when you have been assigned a Home Care package (Level 1 – 4)

  • Step 7:

    Contact Lutheran Homes Group with your My Aged Care letter and speak to our Home Care Team about how to access services immediately

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